Prime Trading

Prime Trading

Trade Seamlessly and Instantly from the Safety of Custodial Wallets

Institutional digital assets trading through BitGo Prime with the ability to trade from secure, insured cold storage.

Developed to meet the growing needs of digital asset clients and investors, our fully integrated prime trading solution allows clients to trade their crypto assets directly and anonymously from the safety and security of insured cold storage at BitGo Trust.

Sourcing from a deep pool of liquidity across a number of leading exchanges and market makers, BitGo Prime acts on a riskless principal basis, providing liquidity to clients directly on a non-disclosed basis.

  • BitGo Prime is your sole counterparty
  • Prices derived from a wide range of Tier 1 institutions such as exchanges and professional market makers
  • Trading on a fully non-disclosed basis
  • Fully integrated with BitGo Portfolio & Tax